How To Boost Wi-Fi Signal Through Walls?

How To Boost Wi-Fi Signal Through Walls.

Are you suffering from one of the most annoying things about Wi-Fi_ low signal range at home? It can be really irritating at times especially when you are anticipating the swift performance; after all you have paid for a fast network and not for sluggish output!

The fact is you can’t break or rebuild the walls of your home, but you can certainly adopt a wiser way to boost the Wi-Fi signals. Although there are certain tools that will solve the matter, before that you can go for a homely way.

Luckily, there are rather simple tips and tricks that would help you out to get the best Wi-Fi speed for you and make things highly ace.

Boost Wi-Fi Signal Through Walls

Examine The Connection

Experiencing the torpid Wi-Fi signal through walls is common. However, if we talk about its solution, you should check the connection and inspect its performance. Make sure the data package you have purchased is good enough to provide you better bandwidth and Mb per second.

You can run a speed test on your computer or laptop using Ethernet cable. The speed should accord with the speed on the internet bill, and if not talk to the service provider like Verizon FiOS! However if everything seems fine it may be the outdated router or device you’re using.

Go For Range Booster

Luckily, there are Wi-Fi range boosters out there that will help you to fight against the weak single against the walls. The easy to plug in range enhancer will be your perfect choice if you want to keep up with the signal strength even while surrounded by thick walls.

Touch Up The Router’s Firmware

Talking about the old or updated W-Fi router let’s have a keen look at this very factor. The router firmware is something that needs updating every now and then. Slow and breakage in Wi-Fi signal through the wall can be solved by mere a few improvements of the device.

The reason behind is the manufacturer is working pretty much fast to keep things in control in terms of internet speed. Hence ensure the upgraded router at hand. The firmware of the router’s model will decide how much time it takes to do the whole upgrade process.

Emplacement of Router

How you place or position the router decides all the signal availability at homes. Certainly, walls are a barrier for waves to pass by. Place the router at the center of your home so that the signals can circulate pretty much freely.

How To Get a Better Wireless Signal?

There should not be anything that is likely to serve as a hamper. For a router featuring an external antenna, put it vertically to boost up the Wi-Fi signal coverage. Moreover you should also:

  • Put it away from window or TV
  • Place it at the peak of cabinet or shelf
  • Keep the space free from and around the Wi-Fi router

Try out Mesh Wi-Fi or Whole Home Wi-Fi Systems

At times you might have felt that there are certain areas in your home where the Wi-Fi signals are weak and poorly frail. To tackle that, you should go forMesh Wi-Fi’ or ‘Whole Home Wi-Fi systems’.

Its main router will connect directly to the modem of the Wi-Fi device. In a word, the mesh Wi-Fi system covers your whole house regardless of the walls or areas where the signal strength is weaker.

Modify The Channel

For Wi-Fi signals the area matters majorly and if you are located in a denser area the weak output of the signal through walls is pretty obvious. Moreover, other signals such as smartphone, microwave etc. can seriously affect the internet connection or can make it sluggish for obvious reasons.

Changing the channel is another option you should go for. If the surrounded routers are working on the same channel as your router is working on you will face congestion. Although most routers will auto-choose the channel with least interference, yet you should try manually, in case.

Shut Off The Unwanted Attack

From the very first sound of Wi-Fi, free data usage comes into one’s mind. And your neighbors are most likely to achieve the benefit from it. Make sure you have protected the password so that the signals don’t go stray to result in weak final results through walls.

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