How To Increase Bandwidth Speed?

How to increase internet speed?

Setting up your bandwidth speed is pretty common concerns of many tech savvy. However, how to increase its speed and enhance it furthermore is still something that requires proper consideration. Below we are focusing on the quality ways that will help you boost up your bandwidth speed even more.

How To Speed Up Your Internet Speed?

1. Scan Your Data Cap

Data caps can readily affect the enhancement and elevation of the bandwidth speed of your internet. Therefore, the first concern of yours regarding the increase in bandwidth speed is to make sure there are no data caps to target the malfunction etc.

To know better, when you use a certain amount of data per month such as a hundred megabyte or gigabytes, the data cap actually uses it behind it. And if you go beyond that selected reach, the Inter-Switch Link (ISL) will bound the speed limit that you want to get rid of!

2. Check For The Anti-Virus Update

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If you are having an internet connection you are more prone to virus and unwanted malware attacks!  Therefore, everything that is connected to the internet needs a proper check and most importantly antivirus and malware scanning software to ensure safety. Poor speed can also be a result of some malware.

Having an anti-virus software and scan system is as important as the reason why you are using the internet. Probably there are viruses that are making the bandwidth speed sluggish. Spot them and get rid of them.

3. Check Out The Router

Another technique to increase or enhance your internet bandwidth speed is to pay heed to the router. It’s better if you reset it altogether.  Certainly the continuous working and alert mode makes things a little dull in performance no matter if it’s about gadgets!

Experts say resetting the router on a monthly basis proves to be pretty helpful and bring about positive results as well. Keep the internet connection refreshed and light! Router reset can mitigate the Plaguy speed issues in seconds! Make sure the modem of the internet is reset too. Resting makes sure the ISP connection and induces it to the smooth operation.

Moreover, the wise way for router reset is to plug the modem along with the router into the timer to keep things quick and accurate. You can set the timer when you are away and it’s all done till you are ready to resume working!

Although, router reset isn’t a 100% valid way but it makes the speed batter to a noticeable extent.

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4. Budge The Router From Its Usual Place

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Having a technical problem ultimately makes us think deeply in the first place. However, this is not always the case. For increasing the bandwidth speed, if you simply dislocate the router and change its position from where it is placed it will help you too.

This quick and rather ‘obvious’ method has shown positive results for strengthening the signal strength, especially when you are located in a distant area. The position matters, hence it is better if you position the router in the mode of your residence. The Wi-Fi signals should move freely without any obstacle in the air.

5. Use A Plugin

Installing a clear cache plugin helps a lot. Visiting various sites that you might not have a record of, but the browser does keep it remembered and that’s why you see those ads or suggestions you’re already into.

To put it simply, you need to clear your cache memory of your current browser. Although it can be done manually, when you have plugins out there to do so, get benefited!

6. Close-down The Ads!

You definitely are families with those sudden ad pop-ups of auto-play videos, ads, Gif and whatnot! Seemingly it doesn’t cause you anything, but at the backend not only these ads use your internet but slows it down too. Therefore, block these ads or install the ad-blocking plugin for assistants.

7. Talk To The Service Provider

If none of these tips work for you, it might be the plan of your internet provider. No, none is setting up the conspiracy against you but it can be the internet offering plan set up!

So, it is better if you just call the provider and check out their further plans on the internet.  Searching online can be worthwhile, as the provider might not let you know the insight of better bandwidth speed.