How To Boost Wi-Fi Signal Through Walls?

How To Boost Wi-Fi Signal Through Walls.

Are you suffering from one of the most annoying things about Wi-Fi_ low signal range at home? It can be really irritating at times especially when you are anticipating the swift performance; after all you have paid for a fast network and not for sluggish output! The fact is you can’t break or rebuild the … Read more

What Are Dual-Band and Tri-Band Routers?

What Are Dual-Band and Tri-Band Routers?

The innovative technology never shrinks to introduce newer aspects of technology and its insights. That said dual-band and tri-band routers are the ones that have grabbed one attention and offer us brilliant ways for data working. To tell the truth, many of the modern and latest wireless routers are already dual-band and work quite nicely … Read more

What Is MU-MIMO And Do I Need It on My Router?

What is MU-MIMO?

Multi user multi-user multiple input, multiple output or MIMO is one of the emerging and ground-breaking technologies that makes the connections between different devices more powerful. Its smooth and high-end approach ultimately makes MU-MIMO stand out among the rest. The sole purpose for this is to make the fastest possible service that doesn’t let you … Read more

How To Increase Bandwidth Speed?

How to increase internet speed?

Setting up your bandwidth speed is pretty common concerns of many tech savvy. However, how to increase its speed and enhance it furthermore is still something that requires proper consideration. Below we are focusing on the quality ways that will help you boost up your bandwidth speed even more. How To Speed Up Your Internet … Read more